Spill Kit Protection Covers

  • Heavy duty Construction

    Protection Spill Kit Cover

    Heavy duty Construction

  • Easy Cliplock Closure

    Protection Spill Kit Cover

    Easy Cliplock Closure

  • Prevent Pilfering

    Tamper Proof Security Tag

    Prevent Pilfering

Code Description  
K26-9120120 Litre PVC Spill Kit Protection Cover
Size:Fits 120L Bin
K26-9240240 Litre PVC Spill Kit Protection Cover
Size:Fits 240L Bin
ACC9005Tamper Proof Security Tag Pack 10

When you have an emergency response to a spill, what is more important than having fully stocked and comprehensive kits?

Secure your spill kits from the common damages and more:

  • from water damage

  • from the kit being used as a rubbish bin

  • from "spill kit pilfering" - people using absorbents from the kit for small day to day spills, instead of from dispensers and refill points.


Heavy-duty Waterproof PVC covers are ideal for protecting 120L and 240L Wheeled Bin Spill Kits.

Stratex Spill Kit Protection Cover

Tamper Proof Security Tags are a cost effective solution without protection from rain and other moisture.