Quiet Band Ear Plugs

Code Description  
HQB634-BQB2 Supa-Aural Quiet Band Earplugs - 1 Pack
Pack Qty:1 pair
HQB634-CQB2 Supa-Aural Quiet Band Earplugs - Carton 10
Pack Qty:10 pairs
HQB641-BReplacement Pads - Box 50
Pack Qty:50 pairs
HQB641-CReplacement Pads - Carton 10 Boxes
Pack Qty:500 pairs

Class 2 earplug with SLC80 rating of 21dB

Alternative to earplugs or earmuffs

Lightweight, durable band doesn’t put pressure on the ear canal

Removable pads are washable, reusable and easily replaced

Can be worn over the head, under the chin or behind the neck

10 in a box

100 in a carton