Polypropylene Absorbents MSDS

Polypropylene Spill Absorbents

Polypropylene absorbents will absorb and contain a range of oil and water-based fluids from solvents, oils, fuels, coolants, mild acids and alkalis, to beer, milk, water and wine.

These absorbents are made from a high quality of meltblown polypropylene made up of a vast quantity of very small fibers to be highly absorbent.

The following Polypropylene Spill Absorbent MSDS covers the general range of absorbent pads, rolls, socks, cushions, booms and drum top covers. It outlines safety instructions in spill handling procedures, appropriate storage, first aid, firefighting measures, handling and storage, chemical properties, disposal considerations, and transportation.

The information provided in this data sheet is provided as general guidance on how to safely handle the material in the workplace. Safety Data Sheet - Polypropylene Absorbents

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Code: Entire product range of Chemical, General Purpose & Oil & Fuel Absorbent Material

MSDS Updated: March 2018