Oil Skimmers

Code Description  
SKIM-S1Ultraspin Surface Skimmer
Size:856mm dia x 430mm depth
SKIM-S2Ultraspin Surface Skimmer - Large
Size:1370mm dia x 710mm depth
SKIM-S5Ultraspin Complete Skimmer Package

The Strataspill surface skimmer is designed to remove oils, fuels, fats and floating material from tanks, sumps, interceptors and other effluent pits. It may also be used in open waters such as lakes, harbours and lagoons. It is a true self-adjusting, weir-type, oily-water skimmer.

oil skimmers

Skimmer features

  • Surface skim-height is fully self-adjusting to take the finest cut of surface liquid despite changes in flow rate or fluid viscosity.
  • Continues to work effectively even if the whole skimmer tilts in relation to the water level. Tilting often occurs in confined pits or when the suction hose is twisted.
  • Suitable for unmanned operation, reducing painstaking, labour intensive maintenance, and reducing the costs associated with manning and maintenance.
  • Fluid is skimmed from all directions.

Strataspill Complete Skimmer Package

  • S1 stainless skimmer
  • Skimmer hose depends upon length can include skimmer floats
  • A transfer pump - air operated
  • All mounted on a skid