Oil & Fuel Spill Absorbents

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Save time and money with Stratex’s range of oil and fuel absorbent pads

When it comes to designing effective spill containment systems and supplies, Stratex offers a high quality range of oil and fuel absorbent pads. Being hydrophobic (water repellent), they will soak up the oil, leaving the water-based liquid, even if the absorbents are floating in it.

All of Stratex’s oil and fuel absorbents are available in varied configurations to suit every workplace application. These include:

  • Pads
  • Rolls
  • Socks
  • Cushions
  • Booms
  • Drum Top Covers

Alternatively, you can get a variety of these oil and fuel absorbents packed in specialised spill kits to suit your needs.

Oil and Fuel Absorbent Pads and Booms

Why rely on Stratex for all your oil and fuel absorbent needs?

Using oil absorbents from Stratex will save you time and money by delivering the ultimate in workplace spill absorbents.

Easy to Use:

No more spreading, sweeping and shovelling granules. Just place the oil absorbent pads, rolls or socks on the floor and pick them up when they have done the work - thus saving time and money on less effective procedures!

Highly Absorbent:

Stratex absorbents can absorb up to 20 times their own weight depending on the configuration and liquid being absorbed. This allows you to do more with less. Other conventional absorbents, such as clay granules, may only absorb up to one times their own weight.

Save Space:

One pack of oil absorbent pads weighs 8kg and absorbs 100L. This pack would take up about as much room as a fax machine. By comparison, a spill this size would use 17 bags of clay granules, which is quarter of a pallet load.

Save accidents:

Granules are a slip hazard and bags of granules are heavy to lift and carry around, thus poses a danger to your staff. They can also block drains and gutters. Oil absorbent pads, rolls, socks and cushions are so much more lightweight and user friendly.

view Polypropylene Absorbent Material Safety Data Sheet