Oil and Fuel Absorbent Sweeps

Oil absorbent sweeps are the final step in the cleanup of a spill on water. After the majority of the oil has been absorbed or recovered, sweeps are dragged across the final sheen or slick.
Code Description  
OSW2025Oil & Fuel Absorbent Sweep
Size:500mm x 30m x 380gsm
Pack Qty:1 Sweep

Made of highly absorbent hydrophobic meltblown polypropylene to ensure exceptional and fast absorbency with reinforced webbing fixed to one edge to give the strength needed for the sweeping task.

Ideal for marine application, the Oil & Fuel range absorbs and contains oils, fuels, solvents and nearly all petrochemicals while repelling water.

Absorbent Sweeps will float even when saturated with oil.

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