Grey Plastic Locker

Ideal for areas where they may get wet frequently, such as surf clubs, pools, and gymnasiums. They are also great for areas that are constantly being cleaned—such as food processing plants or sterile manufacturing areas.
  • Rust proof and space maximising

    Lightweight stackable plastic lockers

    Rust proof and space maximising

  • Easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain!

    Brilliantly designed plastic lockers

    Easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain!

Code Description  
PLO5076Grey Flat Top Plastic Locker
Size:390L x 305W x 914H (mm)

Lightweight, stackable plastic lockers need no paint and will not rust. Since lockers can be stacked, your storage space is maximised.

All plastic lockers come with a simple closing mechanism which can be secured with a padlock or combination lock. The doors do not bang the way metal lockers do—keeping noise to a minimum.

Since the plastic lockers do not rust and have no paint to peel, they will maintain their clean, professional look for years to come.

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean—simply hose down with soap and water (depending on plant requirements).
  • Easy to maintain—all poly construction, no need to paint.
  • Rust proof, making them maintenance free.
  • Quiet—no loud banging like metal lockers.
  • Space maximizing—stackable to make best use of space.
  • Professional design—the rust free nature of polymer means they maintain a clean, sanitary and professional look.