Floor Mounted Eyewash

Code Description  
EY1052Floor Mounted Eyewash
Size:1060H x 320W x 280D (mm)
  • Operated by hand and foot.
  • Provides smooth flow of water that flushes eye and face simultaneously.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Full flow valves allow unrestricted water flow.
  • Integral volume controls provide proper flow adjustment for differing supply pressure.
  • Highly visible.


Stainless steel construction coated with HI VIS yellow protective coating

280mm stainless steel bowl for long lasting use. Recommended for outdoor installations


Hand and foot pedal operation, fast action stainless steel ball valve with stainless steel valve actuator for shower operation

1/2" fast action stainless steel ball valve with stainless steel push plate for eyewash activation


Pipes and fittings 1ΒΌ stainless steel pipe, automatic pressure compensating valve to ensure steady flow

250mm circular pedestal with 3 mounting holes for 9mm bolts


Complies with Australian Standards AS 4775:2007

Supplied with Australian Standards conforming signage

Complies with American National Standards Institute, ANSI Z358. 1-2004