Floor Bunding

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Need assistance choosing the right floor bunding? Read our guide here to ensure you make the right choice.

Keep your workplace safe with floor bunding from Australia’s leading supplier

Leading the way in spill control systems, Stratex can help you keep your workforce and environment protected with innovative and effective products. Designed for the efficient control and containment of any spills within high traffic areas, flood bunding forms a barrier for storage of potentially hazardous objects such as chemical substances, drums, machinery, tanks and more.

Our range drive over bunding for floors includes:

Heavy-duty rubber floor bunding

  • Great for areas subject to high human and vehicle traffic
  • Easy construction and assembly
  • Excellent chemical resistance

PVC floor bunding

  • Flexible and cost-effective for areas with large volumes of hazardous liquids
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Allows easy access by personnel and vehicles

Aluminium floor bunding

  • In accordance to Australian safety legislation for hazardous liquid containment
  • Non-magnetic and non-sparking, ideal for situations where explosive vapour mixtures are present
  • Highly durable in areas with heavy and frequent traffic
  • Allows for easy vehicle passage

For more information on any of our floor bunding solutions, please contact Stratex today.