Eyewash and Shower Stations

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Eyewash and Shower Stations

AS3780 - 2008 states that:

  • Where packages containing corrosive substances are opened, Safety Showers and Eyewash Facilities (compliant with AS4775) must be provided within 10m but not nearer than 2m of the hazard.

  • If the zone is a transfer point from one container to another, a Safety Shower and Eyewash Facility must be provided within 7m but not nearer than 2m of the hazard.?

AS4775 states that such provisions:

  • Must not take more than 10 seconds to reach and the path of travel be free of obstructions.

  • Must be identified with highly visible and compliant signage.

  • Must be on the same level as the hazard and the area well illuminiated.

Strataspill Eyewashes meet and exceed all design, construction and quality requirements of AS4775-2007.