Enviropeat MSDS


June 2011

Download a PDF Version of Enviropeat Material Safety Data Sheet

1. Product Identification

Product Name: Enviropeat

Market Name: Enviropeat

Chemical Class: Organic Absorbent

Dangerous Goods Class: N/A

Hazchem Code: N/A

Toxic Substances Schedule: N/A

2. Physical Description and Properties

Appearance: Fibrous particles

Colour: Light to mid brown

Odour: Non-specific earthy

Specific Gravity: Varies according to composition and moisture content

Origin: Southland, New Zealand

Melting Point: N/A

Freezing Point: N/A

pH: 3.7-4.5

Solubility in Water: Not Soluble

3. Ingredients

Composition: %

Kiln Dried Peat: 100

4. Health Information

Inhalation: May cause respiratory irritation

Ingestion: May cause abdominal discomfort

Eyes: Dust particles may cause eye irritation

Skin: May cause irritation on sensitive skin

5. Fire and Explosion

Flash Point: N/A

Flammability: Low when material is dry and ignited

Auto Ignition Temperature: 260C

Extinguishing Method: Standard fire fighting equipment

6. Personal Protection

Inhalation: Use an approved dust particulate respirator

Eyes: Safety glasses or goggles are recommended

Skin: Protective clothing is not necessary for enviropeat, but may be required when handling absorbed contaminant

Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is recommended

Other: Wash hands immediately after use

7. First Aid Measures

Inhalation: Move to fresh air

Ingestion: Take fluids to dilute. Do not induce vomiting

Eyes: Flush eyes with running water to remove particles

Skin: Wash irritated areas with water and mild soap


8. Spill and Disposal Procedures

Spill Action: Sweep up and containerise unused enviropeat

Disposal: Unused enviropeat is not hazardous. Dispose of used enviropeat according to local regulations governing material absorbed

9. Storage and Transportation

Storage: Store product in a dry location to prevent unnecessary hydration

Transportation: Ensure product is covered and secure. Only requires normal freight methods

Due to the contaminants involved in spills and the variation in local regulations, the manufacturer cannot recommend disposal procedures or guarantee specific performance of enviropeat. The manufacturer disclaims any liability for any loss or damage incurred in connection with the use of the product.

Download a PDF Version of Enviropeat Material Safety Data Sheet