Drum Dispenser Stacker

Code Description  
POLY11030Polyethylene Dispensing Bund (1450W x 1310L x 485Hmm) - 450L Sump
Size:1450W x 1310L x 485Hmm
POLY11031Polyethylene Cradle Stacker (1240W x 795L x 370Hmm)
Size:1240W x 795L x 370Hmm

This versatile system maximises floor space by allowing you to stack up to 4 205 litre drums above a one-piece 450 litre sump.

Maxiumum stack of 2 levels (4 drums).

You can safely and easily dispense from any one of the drums in the knowledge that any leaks or spills will be contained.

Also an ultra safe storage solution!

Fork Pockets on both units make the Drum Dispenser Stacker easily transported.