Chemical Standard Rolls

  • 50cm & 100cm Wide - Both 80m Long

    2 Sizes - Standard Chemical Rolls

    50cm & 100cm Wide - Both 80m Long

  • Bonded & Perforated

    Close Up - Standard Chemical Rolls

    Bonded & Perforated

Code Description  
CR3009Chemical Standard Absorbent Roll - 500mm x 80m x 200gsm
CR3012Chemical Standard Absorbent Roll
Size:1m x 80m x 200gsm
Pack Qty:1 Roll

Premium Quality, these rolls are Super Thick, Super Absorbent and Super Strong.

Rolls are Bonded to provide extra strength, meaning they will will never come apart, even when fully saturated with oil.

Perforated along the centre as well as across the width so they can be easily separated according to usage, minimizing waste.

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Stratex Chemical Oil Spill Absorbent Roll

Chemical absorbents are our most hardy range, for use on aggressive and non-aggressive liquids for example acids, caustics, oil, coolants, solvents and solutions. These absorb almost any liquid, so if in doubt use chemical.

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