Bunding and Spill Management

IBC Forklift

From IBC bunding to drip trays, Stratex has all of your chemical and oil bunding needs covered

Australian Regulations and Standards state that all hazardous liquids, be it oil, chemicals or liquid waste, must be stored on chemical bunds at least 110% of the largest container stored in the area.

At Stratex, our range of oil and chemical bunding systems are of premium quality, super strong and are compliant with all local and national regulations when it comes to spill management in the workplace.

Having your IBCs, drums or containers stored on bunding means that any major spill or incidental leaks are contained before they hit the ground. Chemical bunds protect the workplace and importantly, the staff from contact with any hazardous material stored in your containers.


Affordable chemical bunding from the spill management professionals

Stratex are the experts when it comes to bunding and spill containment in the workplace. To ensure your workplace floor is safe from spills and accidental leaks, use chemical bunding from Stratex, we have a reputation for high quality and value for money products.


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