Bunded Fuel Cubes

Code Description  
FC0500Self Bunded Fuel Cube - 500L
Size:500H x 1050W x 1050D mm
FC1000Self Bunded Fuel Cube - 1000L
Size:1200H x 1140W x 1140D mm
FC2000Self Bunded Fuel Cube - 2000L
Size:1200H x 1140W x 220D mm
FC4500Self Bunded Fuel Cube - 4500L _x000D_
Size:1200H x 2200W x 2200D mm

Features at a Glance

  • Heavy duty steel
  • Pumps, connections & hoses housed in bund, which can be locked even when in use!
  • Stackable - 3-high empty, 2-high when full
  • Approved for transport of dangerous goods and/or static storage
  • Bunded tank capacity 110% of volume
  • Easily removable steel inner tank & lid for maintenance and cleaning
  • Suitable for Diesel, Petrol & Lubricants
  • Fully lockable lid on gas struts
  • Tank can feed and return from up to 3 generators at once
  • Fully Baffled - UN31AY Approved - can be transported with liquid
  • Self Bunded Design - AS1940/AS1692 Approved
  • 4 x way Forklift Pockets
  • Generator hose suction & return ports


All the Standards are Covered

AS1940 / 2004 + AS1692 Designed and Approved

United Nationals UN31AY Packaging Approval

ADG Designed and Approved

PPG2 / PPG26 Approved

110% Secondary Contained (Self Bunded)


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