Acid and Alkali Neutralizer

  • Dry Neutralizer for Bases (caustics)

    Alkali Neutralizer

    Dry Neutralizer for Bases (caustics)

  • Neutralizes virtually all acids

    Acid Neutralizer

    Neutralizes virtually all acids

Code Description  
GR3061Alkali Dry Neutraliser - 6Kg Shaker Bottle
GR3067Acid Dry Neutraliser - 4.6Kg Shaker Bottle

Either Acid or Alkali Neutralisers are available, designed for either alkalis (caustics/bases) or acids.

Ideal for small volume spills in a laboratory or specialised situation.

Neutralises and solidifies alkalis or acids, assisting easy clean-up, and limiting spread of the dangerous liquids.

Minimises risk to the environment and your health.

Neutralisers can be purchased separately or in our Acid/Alkali Spill Kit

Acid and Alkali Spill Kit

View acid neutraliser material safety data sheet