240L Wheeled Bin Marine Spill Kit

Spillages in marine areas can occur at any time from ships, barges, boats, dredges, rigs or just machinery and goods being handled around the area. Stratex Marine Spill Kits are designed to handle oil and fuel spill in waterways, ports, marinas, ponds, harbors or rivers. The absorbents contained in these spill kits are 'hydrophobic' which means that they will float on water even when fully saturated with oil.
Code Description  
K26-5200240 Litre Wheeled Bin Marine Spill Kit - Oil & Fuel
K26-5200R240 Litre Wheeled Bin Marine Spill Kit Refill - Oil & Fuel

Kit Contains:

1 x 240L Wheeled Bin

4 x Large Absorbent Marine Boom

200 x Absorbent Pads

2 x Pairs Red PVC Gloves

6 x Contaminated Waste Disposal bags

6 x Cable Ties

1 x Plastic Security tag

1 x Laminated Spill Kit Instructions